There is a long-running debate on the topic of when kids should take up strength training; specifically, weight training. Articles and opinions have varied on the subject, and for a long time the general consensus was “it’s not safe for kids to lift weights.” However, more recent research is starting to show that that’s not
Approaching a reward triggers dopamine. Dopamine alerts your attention to things that meet your needs. How you define your needs depends on your unique life experience. Each time dopamine flowed in your youth, it connected neurons in your brain. Now you’re wired you to meet your needs in ways that felt good in your past.
As parents today, most of us have had parents, father/mother figures or authoritative guardians who have nurtured us into the adults we are today. And the natural tendency is to use the same tactics and in some case not using the same tactics on our children. Basically meaning we have probably learnt from our parents’
Flexibility is an important part of fitness. Stretching is used to increase the flexibility of muscles. There are several different types of stretching including static, dynamic, andproprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF). Static stretching is the most common and involves slowly increasing motion until a mild stretch is felt and holding that position for 20-30 seconds. Dynamic
1. Make sure your child drinks enough fluids Children have special fluid needs. Compared to adults, kids are more likely to suffer a heat illness when exercising in the heat. Give your kids a sports drink to prevent fatigue and dehydration. Studies show that lightly sweetened, flavoured, non-carbonated beverages such as sports drinks do a
Cozy up to a bowl of Chocolate Chip Cookie Oatmeal for breakfast. It is easier (and healthier) than you might imagine to turn your warm morning bowl of breakfast oats into a scrumptious chocolate chip cookie dough-flavored treat. A sprinkle of cinnamon, dose of vanilla, a splash of milk and a scoop of rich dark
We love our children and will do anything for them! Are we really doing that, or are we ignoring the fact how important daily physical activities. Are our children spending more time playing a sport on your phone or are they outdoors playing the sport for real? Take stock what physical activities your child does
Study found fitter kids had different white matter, which helps brain regions communicate with each other. Exercise and brainpower in children may not seem closely related, but a small new study hints that fitness may supercharge kids’ minds. The finding doesn’t prove that fitness actually makes children smarter, but it provides support for the idea,