So what exactly is the class about and what is the kind of training is given to children?

Training concentrates on the Fundamentals of Fitness, with emphasis on creating a strong base in fitness, so that going forward children will be fitter, stronger, faster to either play sport or just stay fit and healthy. It is not sport specific but enhances all round physical development and growth. Training will help in development and increase in stamina, endurance, speed, agility, strength, flexibility, stability, balance, co-ordination. Most training is Camouflaged into fun games and drills to keep the kids focused with emphasis on FUN and PLAY.

What is the age group?

Children aged 4 to 15 are welcome. The children are assessed at the demo class and then put into 3 different groups depending on age and ability.

Is there a charge for the demo class?

The fee payable for the demo class is Rs. 300/-. This fee is adjusted with the fees which have to be paid at the registration which has to be done at the end of the class if the child so wishes to join. The date of joining will be day of the demo class. (it does not have to be the 1st of the month)

Can you join for only a month?

No. You have to join for 2 months at a time and fees for 2 months will be taken at a time, valid from the date of the demo class for 2 months.

How many times a week is training held?

Children can opt for 2 or 3 times a week training.

Can different venues be used to train for convenience?

Yes you can opt to train at 2 venues for convenience.

What is the difference in the 3 groups?

There are 3 levels of training and children are in put into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced batches. Training is graded from easy to hard from the basic level to the advanced level.

What is the trainer/child ratio?

1 Trainer to 8 children

Is it at Athletics or Gymnastics class?

No, the class is not Athletics or Gymnastics specific.  It is an All Round Fitness development class, with key elements of both Athletics and Gymnastics very much included in training, like Speed, Strength, Flexibility, Core strength, Endurance, Explosive Power.

My child plays soccer/tennis. Will the program help him/her in any way?

Fitness is the cornerstone of any sport, so all the more. If your child plays any sport, the training will COMPLIMENT his/her sport and there will be a be a positive impact on the performance of your child in his/her chosen sport. The SPORTS CONDITIONING training emphasizes  on PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT in sport.