Approaching a reward triggers dopamine. Dopamine alerts your attention to things that meet your needs. How you define your needs depends on your unique life experience. Each time dopamine flowed in your youth, it connected neurons in your brain. Now you’re wired you to meet your needs in ways that felt good in your past.
Oxytocin or the love hormone also known as the cuddle hormone that works a lot like ‘e’ or ecstasy, so I’ve been told. But in no way am I promoting any kind of drugs whatsoever. However do you find your child to be socially inept or just plain ole shy? Findings have shown that children
As parents today, most of us have had parents, father/mother figures or authoritative guardians who have nurtured us into the adults we are today. And the natural tendency is to use the same tactics and in some case not using the same tactics on our children. Basically meaning we have probably learnt from our parents’