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“Just want to say the kids are having a blast! Never seen them so enthusiastic about a class.”
Genesia Tahilramani (Mother of Amaia & Ilana)

“I am equally excited to have my daughter be a part of FIT KIDS. Having attended two sessions, I can already see a change in my daughter’s approach towards physical activity. Your sessions are very positive and motivating. Your team’s enthusiasm is very infectious and I can hardly restrain myself from jumping in with the kids when you guys train them. Keep up the good work and let me know if I can be of any help in your noble endeavour.”
Pavitra Baxi (Mother of Viha Baxi)

“Fit Kids is the absolute best fitness class and Kaira absolutely loves it! It’s a wonderful way for children to remain fit and become healthier. The instructors are motivating, engaging, challenging and the class is superbly organised. Kaira looks forward to every class. She always feel great when she leaves class; maybe a little tired, but great. Thank you for allowing little Zeus to join in the fun. Thanks Edgar for starting this awesome programme.”
Delnaz Master (Mother of Kaira Master)

“The Fitness class for kids is very useful to get kids to run around and play. This is an excellent substitute for lack of compounds and playgrounds. This is well organized and giving the kids the right exercise with fun and games. I have seen the difference in both my kids who have either lost excess weight or gained stamina. I am happy to see the increase in the number of kids as it makes it fun for all. Edgar thanks for everything.”
Anita Desai (Mother Of Shriya & Srishti )

“Noah came 5th in the beach race today…..fabulous improvement as compared to last year when he had come 17th…..Thanks to u and all the trainers of the Fit Kids Team.”
Allan Prakash (Father of Noah & Shawn)

“I think your class is awesome and I AM SO GLAD THAT MY KIDS LOVE IT! Thanks Edgar for conducting these classes and making our kids so fit.”
Taran Anand (Mother of Shaina & Sania)