Fitness Themed Birthday Parties/Fitness Bootcamps: Do something different
A sure way your child will have a blast with his/her friends through games, races, relays, obstacle courses while getting all sweaty!!

Games like Dog-n-the-bone, Tug-of-war, Lemon and Spoon race, Sack race, Clean the yard, Tag and more.
(all games are played with a fitness twist)

RACES: Shuttle Race, Flat Races, Obstacle Course Race, Relays
(all using fitness equipment and props)

SPORT SPECIFIC GAMES: Football shootouts, Football drill games, Box cricket, French cricket, Basketball shootouts and many more.

PARENTS also can team up and play with kids in our PARENT/CHILD EVENTS!!


Get your child ready to play sport or compliment your child`s Sport in this FUN yet intense training regimen. Classes at 3 locations in Mumbai at Bandra. New batches and locations to be introduced soon. Children can opt to train 2 or 3 times a week on days convenient to them.

Playdates For Kids

Why not have a fun filled playdate with your child and his friends. Its fun with plenty of games, races and drills to guarantee that the children have a blast.

Performance Fitness

Specifically designed for kids playing competitive sport, enhancing performance through fitness, the cornerstone of any sport.

This high level of training is Sport specific and concentrates on the 6 Skill related fitness components namely Agility, Balance, Power, Speed, Coordination, Reaction time.

The other important aspects of training like Fitness evaluations, Nutrition, Recovery, Sports Psychology, Mentoring are all included, to achieve a high level of performance in sport.

Parent/Child Workouts

The best way for a parent to bond with their child is to PLAY with them. Have a fun workout with your child. Get a group of parents with their kids to run, play and enjoy the simple things of life.

Physical Education program for schools

Training Fundamentals:

The curriculum will focus on teaching kids fundamental movement skills while maintaining an emphasis on fun & introduction to sport specific training.

Training Methodologies:

Focus on Posture, reduce obesity, motor competence, balance, agility, strength, comprehension of movement, motivation and co- ordination.

Phase 1: Movement based training like walking, running, jumping, hopping, and movement in different planes.
Phase 2: Build Health skills like cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance.
Phase 3: Build fitness skills like speed, agility, power, balance, reaction time.

Fitness Evaluations:

Evaluate levels of Fitness periodically to plot progress and identify areas of strength and improvement.

If you want to see the E7Fitness Physical Education Program in your school, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to talk to you.