A FUN fitness program for children aged 4 to 15, which concentrates on the 7 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS of Fitness, creating a strong BASE in fitness, from which kids can launch into different Sport or just say FIT, STRONG and HEALTHY. The program is not Sport Specific, but concentrates on all round fitness development.


E7FITNESS believes in the philosophy of FUN and PLAY which are incorporated into training sessions, engaging kids and making them long to come back for more. Most training sessions are camouflaged into Fun activities and drills keeping kids focussed.


Our aim is to simply get children out of their homes and onto the playgrounds and rekindle their passion for Physical Activity and Sport.

Edgar Mascarenhas

Founder, Director, Performance Fitness Coach & Mentor

◾ International Hockey Player and Coach. Has played for India in more than 90 International matches including the World Cup and Champions Trophy.
◾ Has also been a part of the support coaching staff at the Junior India training camps in preparation of the Junior World Cup.
◾ Founder of Grassroots Initiative, a hockey training program for budding Mumbai U16/U18 players.
◾ With more than 15 years of experience coaching children, he now concentrates on coaching and creating fitness programs.
◾ Has a wealth of knowledge in fitness and has been through the grind himself.
◾ Has good people skills and though a tough coach and trainer, has a friendly and likable approach which kids adore.

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