The 7 Essentials

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“Fitness is the cornerstone of any Sport.  Compliment your child`s sport with a proper Sports Conditioning program to enhance High Performance”

– Edgar Mascarenhas, FOUNDER E7 Fitness


A FUN fitness program for children aged 4 to 15, which concentrates on the 7 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS of Fitness, creating a strong BASE in fitness, from which kids can launch into different Sport or just say FIT, STRONG and HEALTHY. The program is not Sport Specific, but concentrates on all round fitness development.

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Napean Sea Road – Priyadarshini Park
Juhu – Gallant Sports Arena
Matunga – Don Bosco High School
Bandra (W) – St. Anne’s School, Pali Hill
Bandra (W) – St. Peter’s KG Ground, Hill Road
Bandra (W) – St. Andrew’s Turf
Bandra (W) – St. Joseph`s KG Ground, M.G. Road
Andheri (W) – Tigerplay, Lokhandwala

“Just want to say the kids are having a blast! Never seen them so enthusiastic about a class.”
Genesia Tahilramani, Mother of Amaia & Ilana



  1. Building a strong base in fitness with lifelong benefits: During these formative years, just as the mind is absorbing and developing rapidly, so is the body. Mould your child`s body by getting him/her physically active the FUN way.
  2. Develop stronger bones and muscles
  3. Sports Conditioning for competitive sport
  4. Control body weight
  5. Increase energy and improve concentration
  6. Building confidence and self esteem
  7. De-stress and rejuvenate the mind through play
  8. The E7 program is positive and uplifting, encouraging kids to lead healthy lifestyles and have a more positive, happier, sunnier outlook of life.

Aim & Philosophy

Our aim is to simply get children out of their homes and onto the playgrounds and rekindle their passion for Physical Activity and Sport.

E7FITNESS believes in the philosophy of FUN and PLAY which are incorporated into training sessions, engaging kids and making them long to come back for more. Most training sessions are camouflaged into Fun activities and drills keeping kids focussed.